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Real time analytics of The Australian Pulse® like you've never seen before
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Insights & Values

The Australian Pulse® team of researchers and profilers of consumer behaviour have surveyed peoples’ needs, personal values, lifestyles, thought processes, purchasing habits, their preferred way to consume media and many other profiling questions to produce comprehensive data sets of Australian characteristics.

This information forms a building block of rich data you can use to make your targeted selection of persona’s or to learn more about your own database.  You now have the ability to profile people on more than 6 layers of deep analytics including Neuro-linguistic programming, lifestyle, areas of interest and more than 50 more data points from The Australian Pulse®. See below for real time results and tracking.


Real Time Charts

Areas of Interest and Lifestyle by Generation Type

This chart shows an example of the Areas of Interest and Lifestyle results of The Australian Pulse® 2020 survey, cross referenced with different Generations.

This is a visual display of the most common attributes of a Generation and their pathway of answers.

Hover your curser over the graph to show the individual pathway.

Values of the Australian population from The Australian Pulse® 2020 survey

This chart shows a sample of the Values of Australian people as profiled by The Australian Pulse® 2020 survey.

For the first time, people can see the live results of how their profiling information forms the characteristics of a larger Australian group.

This is a visual bubble display of the values by category that have been selected by the responders of the profiling survey.

Hover your curser over a bubble to show a little more detail.

Schwarts Value Chart Statistical analysis (dimensional smallest space analysis) of value structure across 68 countries and 64,271 people. (Public Interest Research Centre, UK, 2011.)