The Australian Pulse Neuro-linguistic Programming​​

Our data includes six ‘brain traits’ that describe how they get motivated, where they focus, how they navigate information and how they get convinced.

Neuro-linguistic Programming​

Predict people’s behaviour from the language they use

Access the only Australian consumer research data that utilises the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to profile your customers.

Go beyond traditional consumer profiling which focuses on the outcome of consumer thinking (e.g. a consumer’s interest or attitude) and leverage the power of understanding the process of consumer thinking.

When somebody “speaks our language” we instantly engage.  Leverage The Australian Pulse® data to speak the language of your customers to design powerful marketing and communication campaigns, frame your brand positioning, and challenge the thinking within your business to ensure customers are at the forefront of your strategy. 

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Lifestyle & Interests

Tap into our lifestyle and interest data to identify your targetable audiences.

Shopper Behaviour

Create seamless shopper journeys by understanding how consumers navigate the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Media Consumption

Optimise your marketing and messaging strategy using an accurate data-driven approach.