Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Predict people’s behaviour from the language they use

Understand how consumers will respond
to your marketing campaign... and why

The Australian Pulse Market Research Report

Access the only Australian consumer research data that utilises the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to profile your customers.

Go beyond traditional consumer profiling which focuses on the outcome of consumer thinking (e.g. a consumer’s interest or attitude) and leverage the power of understanding the process of consumer thinking.

When somebody “speaks our language” we instantly engage.  Leverage The Australian Pulse® data to speak the language of your customers to design powerful marketing and communication campaigns, frame your brand positioning, and challenge the thinking within your business to ensure customers are at the forefront of your strategy.

NLP Meta-programs embody human truths, so they resonate instinctively

The term Meta Program comes from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Meta-Programs are like personality traits, but for the mind… they are the systems that our mind uses to filter information. Meta Programs operate at a level where they allow for modelling of high-level behavioural patterns and understanding consumer communication.

The Australian Pulse® looked at NLP Meta Programs in conjunction with values, and responses to an array of other questions and demonstrated that there are key relationships between programs and consumer attitudes and behaviours.


Meta Programs are important because they are essentially the keys to how people process information.  This is extremely insightful in relation to communications, advertising, and branding. 

The Australian Pulse Market Research

There is a significant gap in the utilisation of NLP in market research

When we look at most market research segmentation conducted today, we see that much focus of consumer psychographics and behaviours is content-specific.  That is, it is about what people think, not how they think. 

NLP Meta Programs are identified as a unique and powerful way to frame consumer attitudes and behaviour, that can be applied to a wide array of contexts.  

A key aim of the Australian Pulse® research has been to identify a deeper and more insightful way to understand consumers, beyond traditional profiling approaches.

Identify patterns of thinking
that help predict consumer responses

The Australian Pulse Data Analytics Market Research Insights and Values

The Australian Pulse® conducted a national study of Australians to understand consumer attitudes with an underlying framework and overlay of NLP Meta Programs. The latest report available now publishes these powerful insights and industry disruptive findings.

The findings of this report will empower organisation with the insight to;

  • Strategically shape and refine your message
  • Drive behavioural change
  • Personify hidden market dynamics in your customer base
  • Voice and language of the customer

Gain the early advantage on the competition

The Australian Pulse® Snapshots of Australian Mindsets is available for you.  Complete the contact form or call us today to order your copy.

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The Australian Pulse Market Research