The Australian Pulse Shopper Behaviour

Shopper Behaviour

Is your customer buying a drill or a hole?:
Sell solutions rather than things

Knowing how your customers think is key to providing positive customer engagement experiences and ensure your product positioning is in line with their needs.  Are those in your market focused on brand, are they instinctively bargain hunters or big spenders, are they interested in convenience, do they buy for quality or is fast delivery important to them?

The Australian Pulse® data gives you the behaviour-based insights that tell you who your customers are and what they need to help you deliver better value.

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Media Consumption

Optimise your marketing and messaging strategy using an accurate data-driven approach.

Lifestyle & Interests

Tap into our lifestyle and interest data to identify your targetable audiences.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Drive the success of your media and communication campaigns by understanding how consumers process the information you present to them.
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