The Data
Multiple layers of consumer insight for the answers you need
The Australian Pulse Deep Analytics

The Australian Pulse® provides dynamic layers of consumer data you simply can’t get elsewhere – see your audience in a different dimension: how they think, not just what they think. 

Deep Analytics

This information forms a building block of rich data you can use to make your targeted selection of customers or to learn more about your own database.

You have the ability to profile and target consumers on more than 6 layers of deep analytics, drawing on Australian Bureau of Statistics Meshblock and Census data and more than 50 profiling questions from The Australian Pulse®.

Easily profile your audience in great detail and create insightful segments that enable you to target more effectively.

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Lifestyle & Interests

Tap into our lifestyle and interest data to identify your targetable audiences.

Shopper Behaviour

Create seamless shopper journeys by understanding how consumers navigate the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Drive the success of your media and communication campaigns by understanding how consumers process the information you present to them.

Media Consumption

Optimise your marketing and messaging strategy using an accurate data-driven approach.